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Peacekeepers Among Us

The First Encounter

Charles C. Carroll is a retired college professor and administrator. He is a Vietnam Era Air Force veteran, who was lucky enough to serve at a remote radar station near the Korean DMZ rather than on the front lines of the southeastern Asian war. When he wasn’t monitoring the cat and mouse games the Russian and North Korean militaries played while testing America’s radar capability, he studied hypnosis and dreamed about a writing career.

Charles developed an interest in writing fiction at age ten; however, he put his dream on hold, probably because his father questioned his ability to make a living as a writer, and pursued a career in education where his writing focused on academic publications instead. He is the author of a college textbook on ethics, several textbook chapters on ethics, as well as several education and leadership articles in magazines. He is the author of the self-help book, Life is an Inside Job, published in 2015 and has a chapter in a recently published anthology, Give Yourself Permission, published in 2016. His first novel is Peacekeepers Among Us: The First Encounter.

Charles also writes short stories and has a goal of writing 3-5 novels over the next decade. In addition to writing, he is involved in the professional practice of past-life regression hypnosis. He currently lives in Central Florida.


Peacekeepers Among Us